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L’F unisex: original and italian… what else?


Talking about Fashion everyone would be agree that Italy is one of the leading countries. But that doesn’t mean that we have only D&G and Gucci and all those famous labels…

The Made in Italy can be also young, fresh, fancy and above all indipendent.

A couple of young designer – Licia Florio and Francio Ferrari – launched a collection of unique and unisex shoes, which had become their signature giving them recognitions and success.

So… soon will be my birthday, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to celebrate with some e-shopping on their website…

And you? What are you waiting for?


Modern Hippies in Amsterdam

Modern Hippies Markt


Yesterday I had a great afternoon in a special market in Amsterdam Roest: was the Moderne Hippies Markt.

It isn’t just a common market, because it takes place only four times per year, so if you’re interested in visit it check their website to be update on all the events and markets scheduled!

( )

There were a lot of stands, all different and customized were you can find all those very ’70s accessories: feathers for your hair, bells and belts for your boots, and gorgeous secondhand coats and shirts.

After shopping and tasting the vintage atmosphere it was also possible to have a massage or a hair restyling: amazing isn’t it?

I’m already looking foreword for the next Modern Hippies Market!

Style spotting

As you all may know, today it’s  Valentine’s day and right now I’m having a drink in a nice pub in Amsterdam (yes, indeed we’re living here)!
The hipster-kinda-atmosphere of this pub (The Schuim, just in front of the yellow squat in Spuistraat) inspired me the idea of a new project: trying to find spot and trends from the stylish Amsterdam’s streets!

Yeah… now I’ll think about it while we’re waiting for our St. Valentine’s indian dinner!!

Stay tuned and see what’s gonna happen!

Jbag: definitely I need one!


For all those living in the North (like me!) where backpacks are a must have: finally we can find the way to being out of the box even wearing our favourite bags!

Well, that’s not a .jpg, neither a simple bag or a backpack: that’s just .JBAG

An italian duo of designers made this backpack giving a special  attention to details, materials (it’s fully realized with eco leather) and design of this unique accessory based on the shape of a teabag or maybe the idea of origami.

I bought the urban.JBAG from the Bright Collection on line for a such affordable price (you can find it here: ) and now I cannot go out without it: it’s practical, gorgeous, different and most important of all I am getting so many compliments and “OMG where did you buy it? I definitely need one!”

Oybō: untuned odd socks


Finally it’s happened!

Oybō is an Italian young brand, founded in 2011 by two designers Lionello Borean and Eusebia Berlaud. The brand was presented during the last edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence, showing both old and new collections made of untuned socks: “One pair, two souls”.

Oybō is epecially thought for men, but odd socks are not made only for boys!

The brand is particulary popular in North Europe and Canada and now is conquering the US market as well.

All the Oybō socks are available only in e-commerce:

Finalmente è successo!

Oybō è un giovane brand italiano, fondato nel 2011 dai designer Lionello Borean e Eusebia Berlaud. Il brand è stato presentato durante l’ultima edizione di Pitti Uomo a Firenze, dove sono state ammirate sia le vecchie che le nuove collezioni di calzini stonati e spaiati: “One pair, two souls”.

Oybō è pensato soprattutto per l’abbigliamento maschile, ma i calzini non sono fatti solo per i maschietti!

Il brand ha avuto successo soprattutto in Nord Europa e Canada, ma adesso sta conquistando anche il mercato statunitense.

Tutti i loro calzini sono disponibili online nel sito:

Mery Lou e le sue borse

Mery Lou è il suo nome, e anche quello delle sue borsette.
Giovane accessory designer del Nord Sardegna, appena sbarcata nel favoloso mondo delle sue creazioni di stoffa per fashioniste grandi e piccine, per le quali produce anche borse mignon e fasciatoi pret-à-porter.
Accessori raffinati e curati, sia nella scelta dei materiali che nei dettagli, ovviamente tutti pezzi unici disegnati dalla stessa Mery Lou, che per le più esigenti realizza anche pezzi su commissione.

Seguendo il suo spirito nomade la troverete in giro per i mercatini della Sardegna durante l’Estate. Oppure sulla sua pagina Facebook, dove potete anche curiosare tra le sue creazioni: Il Fantastico Mondo di Mery Lou

Auguriamole buona fortuna!

E nel frattempo io mi appunto il suo bel fiore giallo e rosso…proprio come quello del suo logo.

Msgm + Toilet Paper




Another collaboration between designers and artists: Massimo Giorgietti (designer at MSGM) and the celebrated concepltual artist Maurizio Cattelan created a Limited Collection made of surreal sweatshirts. 

The ten items will be presented at the event Milano Moda Uomo, June  22/26.

The collection will be available at the following websites starting from the end of June:,,, e


Ancora un’altra collaborazione tra artisti e designer: Massimo Giorgetti (designer di MSGM) e il pluricelebrato Maurizio Cattelan hanno realizzato una Collezione Limitata di dieci felpe dai temi surreali.

La collezione sarà presentata durante la settimana della moda maschile Milano Moda Uomo, dal 22 al 26 Giugno.

I capi saranno disponibili a partire da fine Giugno sui seguenti siti:,,, e