Maximalism has arrived!

Trends are not fixed, but they are always changing. For a while we are used to see a specific trend on the catwalk, but at a certain point it has to leave his place to another newer one, which is usually its opposite.

That’s fashion phenomenon it is perfectly shown on the parisian catwalks last September: the Minimalism that represented the signature of the last five years “was about to switch” (I. Fox, 2014).
In Fox’s article it is perfectly underlined how a minimalistic style was prevailing in all the high-end lables since 2009, but now something is changing and the time for Maximalism has arrived.

According to the theory of Phenomenology of Styles by R. Barilli (2007) this alternantion is called different repetition: indeed in Art History – as in the Fashion cycle – there is an alternation of quotes and opposite styles.
In the Art field that is due mainly to paradigm shifts, insted in Fashion it is due to the fashion cycle itself, even because after a while costumers want to see – and buy – something new, fresh and different from the past seasons: in a constant and sequential rythm of style changes anyone can be bored or too much satisfied. Furtheremore this alternation it is also a product of the creative process, because artists and designers need to find always new influences and new languages in oreder to express their ideas and concepts.
That alternation is not the only one feature that the Fashion system took from the Arts, indeed in almost all the S/S14 collections we can see a lot of quotes and tributes to the Art itself.

Painterly prints abounded on the S/S14 catwalks: there were Fauvist flowers at Hermes; graphic portraits by illustrators such as Gabriel Specter at Prada; colourful pallette prints at Chanel. (L. Freeman, 2014)

It could be interesting to underline that this maximalist trend it is closely connected to explicit inspirations from famous artists exactly in the same time that in London there is a huge exhibition about “Artists Textiles” at the Fashion&Textile Museum (from January 31 to May 17): is it a coincidence?


Freeman, L. (2014). “A new exhibition celebrates the colourful history of artists’ textiles”. Vogue. 02, 95.

Barilli, R. (2007), Scienza della Cultura e Fenomenologia degli stili, Bologna, Bononia University Press

Imogen Fox. (2014). “Minimalism is dead – long live maximalism”. The Guardian. January





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