Upcycling: from skirt to clutch


I created this clutch during an upcycling workshop with Annika Sanders (founder of the Brtish brand Junky Styling) that I attended at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, where I study.

At first I took a secondhand skirt, I looked at all the details that I wanted to keep and emphasize…then I transformed it in a big clutch!

Now I think I’m gonna do the same to all my old skirts to create a collection… why not?


Felt sleepers



Starting from today I would share on my blog not only my thoughts and impressions, but also my creations.

Yes indeed I really enjoy to sew and design clothes and accessories, because that’s how I spend my time studying Fashion Design in Amsterdam… and I hope that you will like them!

Those are felt sleepers completely made and customized by myself (even the felt, and I swear it took a lot of time)

Oggi ho finalmente preso la decisione ( e anche il coraggio) di iniziare a condividere sul mio blog non solo pensieri e impressioni, ma anche le mie creazioni.

Infatti è proprio questo che faccio per la maggior parte del tempo qui ad Amsterdam, dove studio Fashion Design e creo abiti e accessori…che spero vi piacciano!

Queste sono delle pantofole in feltro (anche quello fatto da me, e vi giuro che ci vuole molto tempo!) completamente disegnate e realizzate da me.

Modern Hippies in Amsterdam

Modern Hippies Markt


Yesterday I had a great afternoon in a special market in Amsterdam Roest: was the Moderne Hippies Markt.

It isn’t just a common market, because it takes place only four times per year, so if you’re interested in visit it check their website to be update on all the events and markets scheduled!

( ww.modernehippies.nl )

There were a lot of stands, all different and customized were you can find all those very ’70s accessories: feathers for your hair, bells and belts for your boots, and gorgeous secondhand coats and shirts.

After shopping and tasting the vintage atmosphere it was also possible to have a massage or a hair restyling: amazing isn’t it?

I’m already looking foreword for the next Modern Hippies Market!